Lawrence Timmons Is So Much Cooler Than You

Need any more proof that Lawrence Timmons is a badass? Check out how grounded he is as a player and as a human. Here’s a few excerpts from his blog, which was just updated after the Chargers win.

On his team and the playoffs:

“You can see how the playoffs are different, especially with a veteran team like we have. Everyone takes the game so serious, everyone plays so perfectly. People are way more emotional, and the older guys on this team have always shown the way. That’s why I love this team so much. No matter who a guy is, if he was drafted in the first round, second round, whatever, the older guys take it like its their job to make us better.

They say that in the playoffs, the team that makes more mistakes is the team that goes home. So they’ve been hard on us young guys. During the bye week they had me, Wood, a lot of the younger guys taking all the reps so we condition ourselves not to make mistakes. That’s helped a lot. When they put that much work in us, you can tell they really care about us, you know?”

On his own criticisms of his play:

“I think I’ve done pretty well so far but I missed so many sacks in the San Diego game. I definitely haven’t peaked yet as a player, I need to work on second moves on the rush and I definitely want to make more big plays. Against San Diego I had the opportunity to strip the quarterback one time but I just missed. That would have been a big play and would have saved a field goal. I also could have blocked a kick, I came so close.

Guess I just need to finish stronger.”

On the Ravens:

“Against Baltimore we’ve got to really study, because we’ve already played them twice and we know everything about each other. We have to see what they’ve been doing since our last game against them. It’s going to be a tough game, but if we stick to our game plan, do what we do, we’ll be fine.”

And check out his motivation:

“My son will be in the stands, watching. He’s only 8 months old but he’s about 25 pounds. He just took 8 or 9 steps the other day. He’ll be up there watching, and it’ll be a good feeling knowing he’s up there and we’re playing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl.”

We forget that Lawrence is SO YOUNG. The dude won’t be 23 until May, and he has a better understanding of his life and job than any of us. Guaranteed. If you’re worried about the game, just remember that a young player like Lawrence is directly influenced, as he said, by the vets on the team. That quiet confidence is apparent in the entire defense, from LeBeau down to the smallest of role players.

Who Dey? What’s Our Name? Lawrence and his teammates don’t subscribe to that bullshit.

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