Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

Guys, we just punched our ticket to the Super Bowl with that 23-14 win. Through the long year, countless injuries and a ridiculous schedule, our Steelers kept doing work to ensure that the Hunt trophy made it to Pittsburgh.

And now the team is about to do everything in its power to respect the honor of the Hunt trophy, and represent the AFC as only the Steelers can.

Look, you know how the team did, I know how the team did…so there’s gonna be no real rankings. We just won the AFC, so any negative rankings would be stupid. While there were a few bonehead plays (and calls), the end result went as well as could be expected.

Take some time to let it all sink in, ‘cos this is about to be a long-ass two weeks. Hit up the comments section with anyone you wanna praise or hate on, I don’t care. Santonio, Ben, Berger, Troy? Every one of ’em contributed something on a cold night in January, which will hopefully pay huge dividends on a warm night in Tampa in February.

Thanks for a fantastic season, Steelers. Do work once more!

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