Yesterday was the first exhibition game of the Steelers’ 2009-2010 season. That means the regular season is almost upon us. With the regular season comes my Steelers recaps, the weekly Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker. I only plan on doing one (maybe two) during the preseason as a sorta warmup.

The MMCNY will run the day after Steelers games, first thing in the morning. That means the Mini Pony of the Day gets pushed to mid-day rather than right in the morning on days following Steelers games. So if you wake up and there’s no cool picture of a totally rad little horse…just wait a sec and it’ll be up before you know it. And really…the day should start at noon, so just sleep in or doze off at work until the MPotD goes up.

That’s really all I needed to say. If you were looking for something interesting here, you looked in the wrong place. Maybe read my post below this one, or check out my buds at Cleveland Frowns lauding a guy like LaMarr Woodley. If the Steelers ever went 2-17 against a certain team over a 10-year span, I’m sure I’d be checking out their roster as well.

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