All Sideline Reporters Should Be Little Kids

Thanks to Ryan for this awesome video of his daughters at CONSOL Energy Center.

The Pittsburgh Power, the area’s new Arena Football team, was practicing on-field yesterday. The girls used the time to give you some info on the team and why you should tune in to what may be the only professional men’s football team in the city in 2011 if this NFL lockout happens.

Which brings me to sideline reporters. They get all kinds of hate because their job is pretty pointless. Ooo, some entity is standing next to the teams to relay information that we’re getting at the same time from guys in the booth or Twitter or blogs or ESPN or something. And unless they’re hot like Erin Andrews, then we’re simply left with Tony Siragusa’s fat taking up precious space near the field of play.

So why not at least make sideline reporters interesting by hiring funny kids? I’d love for Suzy Kolber to question the producer in her ear with a quick “why do you want to say ‘hold on for a minute’?” like these junior reporters.

Go kids. Go Power.