Brett Keisel Swaggerjacked The Pirates’ Jim Rooker

[full-sized image here]

Thanks to Dan for this. He says:

Epic beard…Keisel wasn’t the first

Was wandering around press row at Consol tonight during the PIHL games and came across this. Immediately thought of Fear the Beard.”

We all had a bit of fun with Brett Keisel and his fantastic beard. And then he shaved it off for charity and it made the beard even more legendary. What we didn’t know is that Keisel was just cramping the style of former Pirates pitcher Jim Rooker.

According to this old Pittsburgh Press clipping, Rooker was 36 years ahead of Keisel’s plan. And he did it with 100% less Donnie Iris.

You may think of the Pirates as an afterthought with the recent successes of the Steelers and Penguins, but man they used to be trendsetters.


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