Cup-Era Penguins Iron City Beer Commercials Rule

Man, I love when random Youtube users post long-forgotten commercials and videos. Living in NYC now, shady Internet game streams keep me up to date on current Pittsburgh programming and ads. I gotta rely on Youtube and video-hosting sites to bring my memories from long ago.

So here‘s a great Penguins playoffs commercial from Iron City beer from 1991. During the 08-09 Cup run and win, my friend Shaun (owner of NYC Pens bar Foley’s) explored the bar basement and found 6 random Iron City bottles which he gave to me and my friend Ron free of charge. Said it was good luck or something. We won that game and ended up lifting the Cup at the end of the series. And then Foley’s got a contract with IC and started offering it to everyone year-round.

So now we’re on the brink of the playoffs again. And this video has me thinking of the Pens, the second season and Iron City. Awesome.

Go Pens.

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