Get Pumped For Pirates Season By Watching Atlanta Celebrate The 1992 NLCS

It hurts to think that there’s nearly an entire generation that only knows the Pirates as a laughingstock bottom-feeder. I’m lucky to have been a pre-losing-streak fan of the Buccos for even a handful of years, with cool memories and stuff.

One thing that’s missing is the excitement that used to grip the city on the eve of the season. There’s just been so much repeated losing that even the diehard fans are relatively worn out. Well let’s change that.

Some intrepid Youtube user (or blatant jerk, if you’re a pirates fan, too) posted 6 videos showing the Braves, fan and Atlanta news station reaction to the symbolic end of the Pirates’ good fortunes…the forever-hated Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS. Watch Atlanta collectively freak out, and see if your blood starts boiling like mine did. Not so much at pure disgust at the Braves and their fans, but at the premature end to a promising Pirates season and the infinity years of suffering that followed in its wake. I mean, at the 1:02 mark of the below-embedded video, some Braves fan goes:

We just wanted to say that there were some Pittsburgh fans sitting in front of us and some Pittsburgh fans behind us, and they were first-class throughout the whole game, and we really feel for them and we look for them to be up there again…


The feeling I most remember was shock, followed by a crushing depression that my young sports-fandom hadn’t yet experienced at that level. But now we need to face the demons and try to remember that there was once a time when Pirates seasons had promise and there was a reason for each year.

So visit that guy’s page and watch all 6 videos. Re-ignite those old feelings and get excited for your Pittsburgh Pirates. There’s one here for you. Cos what other option is there?

Go Buccos.

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