Great Moments In Unlicensed Pittsburgh Sports Merch: Steelers Poncho Redux UPDATE



We need to begin this post back going back about a year. We made fun of some golfer being a jerk on the course in a random Steelers poncho. Then a month later we got our first Steelers poncho/parka Great Moments submission. Which brings us to today. I’m finally getting around to 3 more people who sent in the very same article. Well, they all sent it in within a 3 week span back in late December – mid January. And it’s about time I used them here while paying homage to Mexico’s apparent cash crop.

Mikey and Big Bob from the Freak Show kicked it off around Christmas. They were just on vacation, and Mikey sent the following pics and story:



Amazing unlicensed Steelers shit down in Mexico. Saw this Steelers poncho walking around in the shopping district of Playa del Carmen. We walked in and Bob asked to try it on, the guy was trying to force it on Bob’s head but his head was just too fat to put it on. I took a turn. Fit my fine. We asked how much. $65. We laughed. He tells us $35. We laugh again and he tells us “C’mon it’s embroidered”. Ha. F***er. We left.”

Next up was another Mike like 3 days later. He said:


Just came back from Mexico. In one of the vendor stalls in Playa del Carmen my sister found this gem – a Steelers logo Mexican poncho. Wrestling mask was a later purchase but seemed fitting.”

Same shopping district? If that’s the same poncho I’ll lose it.

Lizzie completed the trifecta in the middle of January. She said:



I don’t think I ever sent these in, though I took in Mexico all the way back in March of 2009. …a poncho with a WHITE helmet. And then the [other] picture may appear to be just a wide shot of the shop where I found these, but if you look closer you’ll see that it’s a different poncho with just the logo instead of a helmet. These things were everywhere!

Ok so now I’m picturing the entire Mexican population dressed in Steelers ponchos. The ponchos are obviously everywhere…I’m not just being racist or something. Plus if they’re all decked out in Steelers gear, then that race totally rules. See, I’m self-hating cos I live in a foreign land (NYC) that has an astounding lack of routinely-worn Steelers clothing.



Jeffrey emails in the following:

I recently seen your article posted by Mikey and Big bob about the Steeler poncho craze. Me and my friend discovered this craze two years ago down in Cabo San Lucas Mexico shortly after the Steelers beat the cardinals in the superbowl. We were walking around downtown Cabo and we noticed they had these ponchos in every store. Me and my friend had to pick these up so we ended up getting them for $25 a piece. Shortyly after we bought these we saw the wrestling mask to match them so we had to pick those up as well for $15 a piece. Attached is the picture we took in our hotel, I didn’t have my mask on at time. Another thing as well during our flight home we had a connection in Phoenix, so me and my friend decided to wear our ponchos in the airport, people we’re staring at us like we were crazy and we even had some people booing at us. But anyways thank you here’s a little something to add to your post.”

This rules. Go Steelers.

If you have any unlicensed Pittsburgh sports gear, or awesome generic sports gear from any team, send them to me and I’ll post them.

(thanks to Cotter for the banner pic)