Green Bay Is Trying To Snake Pittsburgh’s Lucky Qdoba Burrito

We all remember the lucky burrito. THE lucky burrito. Sometimes, there are certain forces that help dictate our local sports. Qdoba has been in your face, thanks to Dan Bylsma, The Pensblog, Santonio Holmes, etc etc.

With a shot at another local championship, Qdoba is taking no chances. They’re ready to keep the lucky burrito alive in Pittsburgh, and now we gotta fend off those jerks in Green Bay who want to harness the power in order to propel the Packers to the Super Bowl. So Qdoba is setting up an eating battle. And Pittsburghers are awesome at eating. INFO:

What began as a friendly wager between two friends (who happened to be owners of Qdoba franchises) in two Super Bowl-bound cities has quickly turned into an all out battle cry. The Qdoba Mexican Grill locations in Pittsburgh are calling on Steeler Nation to represent Pittsburgh in the first-ever Qdoba Burrito Bowl on Saturday, February 5 beginning at 4 p.m. at the Qdoba Mexican Grill on East Carson Street. A local burrito-eating champion and a Green Bay champion will be crowned before facing off against each other in a “live” eating competition via Skype. The winner will take home bragging rights, a 55” LCD-TV, and will have the opportunity to have a big game-day party catered entirely by Qdoba.

Pittsburgh fans will have the opportunity to pre-register for the competition at the South Side Qdoba location and trash talking with Green Bay is highly encouraged on Qdoba Pittsburgh’s Facebook page. Registrants will then compete to see who can eat a Qdoba burrito the fastest. The local winner will represent Pittsburgh Steeler fans in a speed-eating burrito competition against the Green Bay Packers later that day. Fans of the winning team who wear their team’s colors or jerseys on Super Sunday will receive free chips and queso all day.”

I have no clue why you wouldn’t do this. It involves burritos, happens on a Saturday and will help superstition reside appropriately in Pittsburgh before the big game.

So make Dan Bylsma proud, carry on his tradition, and make sure the Steelers prevail over the Packers in a burrito-eating competition before the teams actually meet and the Steelers win that hardware on Sunday.

Go Steelers.

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