Megadeth Is Another Pens/Flyers Link?

It was only a week ago that Jaromir Jagr and Max Talbot decided to play hockey next season for the Philadelphia Flyers. That sucks…meaning we have to accept to Penguins legends suiting up in orange whether we want to or not.

Well here’s another Pens/Flyers link I never knew. Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine is an admitted Flyers fan. Here’s the vid he put out supporting the Flyers during the 2008 playoffs. The part I didn’t know is that the Pens use the intro to Megadeth’s Trust when they hit the ice. You know…that drum intro to Boys of Winter? Here’s Trust…just check the 0:17-0:31 point:

Now here’s the Pens’ intro music as it leads to Boys of Winter:

asdasdasdasdas. You be the judge.

Go Pens.

ps i hate megadeth the flyers can have em

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