Sock Monkeys rule. My mom made me one when I was little and it was great. I slept with that thing all the time. It totally replaced my gray Pound Puppy that I named “Silver” because I’m an idiot. My sock monkey was name “Mikey the Monkey.” I think my little brother’s was named “Dukie.” Haha dookie.

I caught a Steelers Sock Monkey on Etsy. You can check it out here. This one is crocheted and not made out of socks like is standard and how mine was made, but still is totally awesome in all aspects. Monkeys are always cool, sock monkeys are fantastic in their own right, and the Steelers are the Steelers.

Every place of business should sell Steelers Sock Monkeys. Even if the place is like a hardware store or a notary.

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