That is a horrible title for this post. However, my bud Benson sent over the next in line of his look at classic movies as if they were made in Pittsburgh. The A Clockwork Orange one was fantastic, and admittedly much easier to craft a post title about. This week, we’re looking at Titanic. From the description:

With the rise in feature films being shot in and around the Burgh, Benstonium wonders what it would be like if everything was filmed in the Burgh. See how Titanic might have played out if it were filmed in the Burgh.

Ok so I didn’t have the same tie to Titanic like all the chicks who saw the movie a trillion times in the hopes that Leonardo DiCoajsosa [got tired of spelling his name, didn't wanna look it up - ed.] would somehow notice them. But you add in Penguin mascot Iceburgh, and I’m looking into sequel opportunites based solely on a giant mascot wrecking different ships and other modes of transportation.