There Are Probably Better Troy Polamalus Than Horatio Sanz

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has been providing us with some solid material lately (Gyllenajkfhkasjfdk, McCartney). I assume you weren’t watching this past Friday night cos it’s Friday night and there were probably other things going on in your life.

Well Jimmy had on a slew of comedians to help him recreate the 1985 Chicago Bears’ infamous Super Bowl Shuffle. Instead, they imitated current players and called it the Pro Bowl Shuffle. Will Arnett, a PSAMP favorite, is as believable as Brett Favre as one can be. Fallon is an ok Tom Brady, and some other dudes hang out as Mike Vick and the Mannings.

And then there’s formerly-rotund Horatio Sanz as Troy Polamalu. I mean it’s great that he’s slimmed down, but I still can’t picture him as Polamalu. They shoulda just went with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. Whatever.

Gawker TV transcribed all the verses. Horatio Polamalu’s is below:

Well they call me Troy


and spelling my name is hard to do

If you really want, to be, just like me

Well use more shampoo than a sorority

I’ll hit you so hard, I’ll rock your world

My hair looks like a big-assed jerry curl

I do the Pro-Bowl shuffle with a flip

Then I whip my hair like Willow Smith

And video: