Trading Card Pendant Jewelry Is Pretty Awesome


Etsy is a place ripe to be ridiculed, there are some outrageous crafts and sellables littering the site. I mean, when do you really need a Steelers apron with a huge fake penis?


But when done right, Etsy can showcase some pretty fantastic items. Like these trading card pendant jewelry items. Now that is some classy sports jewelry, which is a pretty rough concept to get right. My friend Sarah is selling these unreal pieces, and currently has a number of 2012 playoff baseball teams. Oh, and also a crapload of Pittsburgh sports pendants, which makes sense seeing as that’s her sports fandom and we’re showing them on PSAMP.

I got a few of the current Pittsburgh pieces here, but follow that link to check everything out. You can even request something a bit more specific, fan of a Pittsburgh divisional team.

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