Awkward NBA Moments

The NBA has been the hunting ground for so many great coaches and players that it is strange to believe that it has also been the place where some of the most awkward and immature incidents in sports history have taken place.

However, what is awkward for some is funny for others and we must say that we belong in the second group of people. If you are like us, you will probably enjoy this list of funny and awkward NBA moments and pick a favorite one.

To make this more interesting we are going to imagine like we are playing the Live Roulette and we are going to present three extremely awkward NBA incidents and we will let you know our favorite at the very end of this article.

Live Roulette is one of the most interesting games you can play at a casino, mostly because of the excitement it brings when it comes to predicting the correct number. We feel that since you know our sense of humor, you will have just as much fun if you tried to predict which one of these 3 incidents will be our favorite one. Let’s start.

3. Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy Interview

Coming at number three on our list is the most awkward sports interview ever recorded. Stan Van Gundy was the coach of the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard was the best player the team had seen since Shaq had left a decade ago.

But all was not well in Florida as Van Gundy was sure that Howard had ulterior motives and that he tried to get him sacked. He confirmed that this was really what he felt in an interview with numerous representatives of the press.

This was quite awkward in itself. However, when Dwight Howard joined in, hugged his coach and started laughing with the reporters oblivious of what has previously been said things got extremely uncomfortable to watch.

In what is the most cringe worthy NBA interview ever, Van Gundy left the scene with his head held down and when Dwight Howard was informed of what has been said, he looked like the press room was the last place he wanted to be at the time.

2. Jordan’s Hall of Fame Speech

At number 2 is Michael Jordan and the speech which gave birth to a whole new category of memes. Air Jordan is the best this league has seen by a country mile. However, his Hall of Fame acceptance speech felt more like a roast of everyone who doubted him or looked at him in the wrong way. It was so immature that it inevitably became one of the funniest things an adult NBA legend had done.

1. Duncan Ejected by NBA Ref Joey Crawford for Laughing

Tim Duncan was a model pro and he never said a bad word to anyone. That’s why it was really strange when he got ejected because he was laughing while on the bench. This is so bizarre that it has to be our favorite NBA awkward moment hands down.