Mini Pony of the Day 10-2-07

Meet Tootsie, the hermaphrodite mini pony.

Tootsie was a confused little horse (obviously), and was shunned by other mini ponies until (s)he met Derek, a donkey. Derek befriended the befuddled beast, and all is well in Tootsie’s world.

Many thanks to my sister for emailing me this one-of-a-kind story. No, not Sheena Beaston. This came from my oldest sister, Kate.

Be sure to visit Kate’s Myspace (or this site as well). She’s an NYC musician, and the page has tons of stellar songs for you to check out. Or, if you find yourself in Brooklyn on October 5th, go to her show at Pete’s Candy Store.

I know I’m biased by blood, but Kate’s music is worth checking out. Visit her site. Listen to her music with your ears.


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