Mini Pony of the Day 4-19-07

WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS THING? In my quest to find today’s mini pony of the day, I came across a rather odd picture of something that I can’t truly describe. Could be a horse. Could be a donkey. Could be one of my night terrors. Honestly, what is up with those ears? And why are there random beasts of burden grazing behind it? I guess looks don’t count for much in the animal community. This weird thing probably did something so badass that the other animals were like, “whoa man, you’re cool with us. We respect the hell outta you, and we ain’t tryin to start no trouble.”

Sorry bout all that. Here’s the real MPotD. Its actually two of them. They are both going after the same piece of hay or something. Come on, buddies, I can spot like 30 other pieces right next to you. If looks did count in the animal world, these things would rule (figuratively and literally).