Mini Pony of the Day 6-11-07

Today’s MPotD reflects the mood. All the positives from the first round of the Hot Blogger Bracket are nullified by an early deficit in round 2. PSaMP wants the blue ribbon, but its within the reach of Joe Speaker.

PSaMP is staring at a 10% deficit, as Joe Speaker took an early 55%/45% advantage over PSaMP. Little by little, though, the deficit is shrinking, and hopefully the deficit becomes an advantage before the polls close on June 13th. That’s two more days, faithful readers! If you want PSaMP to get the blue ribbon (hence the cool picture above), then you need to vote. Go to the Ladies… official page, or vote on the hacked poll that graces PSaMP!

PSaMP needs you. Miniature ponies need you. Do what you gotta do!


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