Mini Pony of the Day 6-13-07

Coolest. Picture. Ever.

This is Thumbellina, the world’s smallest horse. Thumbellina has been the MPotD before, but that was 3 months ago, and it was during the earliest moments of this site. I’m guessing about 3 people read my site then, so Thumbellina deserves another go-around as MPotD. And this picture is so much sweeter.

Thumbellina looks depressed about something. Much like PSaMP is depressed today. PSaMP is waving the equivalent of an internet white flag in the Hot Blogger Bracket. Unless 30 or so people decide they love PSaMP, it looks like Joe Speaker will be the one moving on. Damn.

I tip my hat (although I’m not wearing one right now) to Joe Speaker. I am not hotter than you. Should you advance far enough to take on Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Blog, who has the support of the entire Wildcat nation, I will gladly vote for you. Not because I think you’re hot. That’s just weird. Only because you’ll need all the help you can get.

So PSaMP bows out of the competition. It was a fun ride. But one I would eventually lose anyway. Many thanks to the Ladies… for seeding PSaMP #2. It was very unexpected. I love you all…

/drops the mike and walks away.

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