Mini Pony of the Day 7-4-07

This is Lucky (or Smodo, Jojo, Smackie, Sizzle or any of her countless names). She’s my dog, and today is her 7th birthday. She’s a mutt, combining Lab, German Shepherd and Pit bull. In the right light, she looks like a miniature pony (at least to me and my fam). Since its July 4th and all, Lucky deserves to be recognized as MPotD.

If you want a real mini pony, here’s one I posted on the 1st of April. Its the only one I could find that has stars and stripes. And it deserves to get posted again, because not too many people read PSaMP back then.

The pony’s name is Mikey. It was stolen, then recovered by its family. I remarked that if I was Mikey, I wouldn’t mind being stolen (because of the whole dress-up thing). This makes two straight mini ponies that look like the fool because of their owner. But it is the 4th, and Mikey fits in with the holiday. Unfortunately.

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