Classic Mini Pony of the Day 3-14-08

(originally published on 3-14-07)

I can’t stand people who use the word gestimate (Ed’s note: or guesstimate…or perhaps guestimate. Some combination of guess and estimate). Or the people who say “it is what it is.” Thanks for telling me a whole lot of NOTHING. It honestly makes no sense. I can’t stand it. Oh…here’s the Mini Pony of the Day. Thumbelina, the world’s smallest horse. Sweet!

(Editor’s note: The MPotD was awful at the beginning. This was day 2, and PSaMP still hadn’t had a clear direction. I thought it could be a place where I could vent my frustrations, or everything I was pissed about aside from daily sports musings. I was mistaken. Still, “gestimate” and “it is what it is” continue to irk me.)


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