Classic Mini Pony of the Day 4-21-08

Insert obligatory Doublemint Gum reference here.

Today, I’m giving you the MPotD for both 4/20 and 4/21 of last year. Because I can.

(originally published on 4-20-07)

The mini pony of today is such a hard worker. And the lady with the mid-90s Etonic windbreaker or whatever is lazy as hell. But back to the mini pony…it should totally jump up and knock out the “rider.” Then it would be free to go do other cooler stuff.

(Editor’s note: Uncool cart. Buck your rider in the face. Um…that didn’t sound the way I wanted it to.)

(originally published on 4-21-07)

Today’s MPotD looks huge! But remember, that’s a baby sitting next to it. Normal humans would tower over this cool animal. And the baby should probably not be trying to eat this pony’s tail. Although they look cool and act cool, mini ponies probably do not taste cool. I’m guessing they taste like a normal sized pony. I haven’t ever tasted pony before, though, so maybe this baby is on to something.

(Editor’s note: Maybe ponies DO taste good! I’ve been blind to that option.)


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