Classic Mini Pony of the Day 6-6-08

(originally published on 6-6-07)

Even with all the love from the Ladies…, there are times when I just want to lay low and throw a few back with the boys.

Yeah, that could mean my college buddies, but I was really referring to The Boys. Meet Jingler (I think that is the name. Can’t really tell), Peanut, Buddy and Barney. I’m guessing the only reason they are hanging out next to each other is the whole leash/wooden post thing, and also because they don’t have opposable thumbs (or any thumbs, for that matter). However, I like to think that The Boys are fast friends, who’d have their chums’ backs in case a rival was throwin’ up gang signs or disrupting R. Kelly or something.

No matter the case, The Boys deserve their spot as MPotD.

Side note: Blogger Spell Check does not understand the word “opposable.” Guess its a bunch of monkeys running the site (ba-zing).

(Editor’s note: Fantastic picture. And this was when I was a part of the Hot Blogger Bracket. Because I’m hot.)

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