Mini Pony of the Day 1-31-08

Sheena bought me this Grow-A-Pony. It takes 10 days to grow 600%. That’s 240 hours. I started this little bugger yesterday at 6:30 P.M. This picture is at hour 19 1/2.

Expect more updates as MPotD during the 10-day span.

Here’s some of the quips and quotes on the packaging, along with my own remarks:

Now your dream of owning a pony of your very own can become a reality!! Damn straight.

Your new pony is the best pet in the world. I believe it.

He is very easy to take care for and will love you very much! Word.

Your growing pony never needs to be fed, only watered. Convenient.

You won’t have the messy job of cleaning it’s stall. True.

This pony can live in your house. Tight.

Grooming is unnecessary. Kickass.

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