Mini Pony of the Day 1-31-08

Sheena bought me this Grow-A-Pony. It takes 10 days to grow 600%. That’s 240 hours. I started this little bugger yesterday at 6:30 P.M. This picture is at hour 19 1/2.

Expect more updates as MPotD during the 10-day span.

Here’s some of the quips and quotes on the packaging, along with my own remarks:

- Now your dream of owning a pony of your very own can become a reality!! Damn straight.

- Your new pony is the best pet in the world. I believe it.

- He is very easy to take care for and will love you very much! Word.

- Your growing pony never needs to be fed, only watered. Convenient.

- You won’t have the messy job of cleaning it’s stall. True.

- This pony can live in your house. Tight.

- Grooming is unnecessary. Kickass.

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