Mini Pony of the Day 10-20-08

Thanks to Hannah for sending this to me last week. It comes from Best Week Ever.

I know bears grow up to be monsters capable of ripping your face off, but how solid is that little guy? And the fact that he digs mini horses just ups his coolness in my book.

Ride faster, cowboy bear! Get to a computer to read these links:

More nonsense on that win over the Bungles. [One For The Other Thumb]

Favre selling secrets about the Pack? [The World of Isaac]

Bob Smizik is pissing off hockey fans again. [The Pensblog]

High speed pursuits…with golf carts! [Steady Burn]

Mike Ditka might have helped the Dems and Obama win this election…back on ’04. [Gunaxin]

Thank Jesus the Red Sox won’t be in the World Series. [With Leather]

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