Mini Pony of the Day 10-21-08

I envy this kid for being small enough to ride a mini horse. I’d love to be in your position, chum.

He’s got some solid kicks, too.

Take a picture of yourself while riding a mini horse (if you’re small enough), then read these links:

Jerry Jones wants Jimmy Johnson back. [Moondog Sports]

Another NFL Power Ranking. Steelers at 3! Gunnin’ for that top spot. [My Sports Rumors]

The semis of the ‘Hottest Cheerleader in the NFL” contest. [On 205th]

Why Phillies fans should hate the Rays. [Epic Carnival]

Plax is comPlax. Yeah. [One For The Other Thumb]

Dany Sabourin did hat he had to do and kept the Pens in the game last night. Then, the Pens won it in a shootout. Awesome stuff. [The Pensblog]

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