Mini Pony of the Day 10-24-08

Wow…look at this hairy little guy!

The MPotD is a little later today, because I wanted to give you time to get your wake and bake on. Thanks, Santonio! You gave me reason to post one of the funniest scenes from a way underrated comedy.


This hairy little guy definitely woke and boke (?) before reading these links:

Brooks Orpik is John Turturro. You don’t f*** with the Free Candy. [Eddy Spaghetti]

I’m never opposed to Gina Carano pictures. Mmmmm… [Moondog Sports]

Bizarro NBA predictions. [Cuzoogle]

Hot Tampa Bay Rays fans. [Gunaxin]

Vintage Barkley. [NESW Sports]

Who will be CBB’s best freshman? [Intentional Foul]