Mini Pony of the Day 10-6-08

Check out this cool old picture.

Also, is that a ghost mini pony in the background on the left? If so, that sucks. Mini ponies should always be alive and badass.

To recap: Mini ponies = cool. Ghost mini ponies = creepy.

Don’t be spooked to read these links:

The Dirty sucks. [Barstool Sports]

Yeah, I saw this too. That’s not Jarkko! [The Pensblog]

Oh yeah, go back and watch Cotter and I warn Ben to not throw near Rashean Mathis in the pregame show. [PSaMP]

Reader [matt] is playing a show in Brooklyn on Friday, if anyone lives in the area. [Sheena Beaston]

Roy Williams thinks the Lions can still go 12-4. Yeah. [The Detroit News]

Remember when I said Larry Brown was a badass for blogging from the hospital after appendix and colon surgery? Now there’s video. [Larry Brown Sports]

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