Mini Pony of the Day 11-5-08

Nice! Two cool mini ponies in one cool little place. But check out the devil eyes on the one on the left. Kinda creepy. And behind them…

…Hey, baby.

Get some fresh air immediately after reading these stories:

I’m giving you a second mini pony today. It goes with this story. Awesome. [Moondog Sports]

Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr’s Victoria’s Secret fitting. Yeah, that’ll always get a link. [Cuzoogle]

Remember the names…Manning, Addai and Sanders. Going down. [One For The Other Thumb]

LPGA chicks versus PGA dudes. [Steady Burn]

Keep your ears warm…look like a dork. [The Sports Culture]

Congrats to the Steelers-backed Barry Obama. Please help this country, man. [CNN]

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