Mini Pony of the Day 11-6-08

No joke…I love That 70′s Show. It was our era’s Happy Days, a look back at society 20 years prior. Plus, the above scene was more than enough reason to repeatedly tune in.

I just saw this episode in syndication a few weeks back, but only remembered about it recently. Youtube is the greatest thing ever.

Fantastic. Go on and read:

LeBron dressed up as Danny Zuko (Zucco? I’ve seen it both ways) for Halloween. [NESW Sports]

Lindsay Lohan…why not? [Gunaxin]

Dick LeBeau for Secretary of Defense. [One For The Other Thumb]

Unveiling the Pens’ new, old uniforms. [The Pensblog]

Ryan Leaf and pills. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Keyshawn is getting a reality show. Where he’s an interior designer or something? I spaced out and didn’t read it all. [A&E via With Leather]