Mini Pony of the Day 12-10-08

Fantastic. If only I had a mini horse when I was that age, PSaMP would be so much cooler. Not that it isn’t cool now. I’m just saying, had I had a mini…you know what, I’m stopping. PSaMP is badass and that’s the final word.

Now read on:

Ravens fans are weird. Who likes purple over black and gold? [OFTOT]

Colt McCoy is the man. [Moondog Sports]

I miss all the injured Pens, too!:( [Puck Huffers]

What’s up with the inconsistency with the Pens? [Eddy Spaghetti]

The Mets got K-Rod. [Buckets of Ink]

Should we get Ovechkin into the All-Star Game for a top line of Sid-Geno-A.O.? [The Pensblog]

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