Mini Pony of the Day 12-11-08

From Mitch Hedberg’s latest cd (r.i.p.):

If I was the Headless Horseman’s horse, I would totally f**k with that guy.

“Yeah, we’re going that way. We’re not going towards the hay.”

Thought of that when I found this picture. Listen to it here to get the full effect. Whatev. Read these links…they’re just as good:

The Steelers love to wear beards. [OFTOT]

Cheerleading nuns in Sardinia. [Moondog Sports]

Another one from my buddy Moondog. Elisha Cuthbert DOES NOT look sloppy. Hawt. [Moondog Sports]

Now playing in Toronto theaters…Forgetting Sam Mitchell. [Cuzoogle]

Yeah, rough loss for the Pens last night. Especially ‘cos the Rangers won, too. [The Pensblog]

Google says the New York Giants were the most-searched sports team this past year. [Intentional Foul]

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