Mini Pony of the Day 12-12-08

Everyone can use a hug now and then. Especially on a Friday.

Here’s the text version of a hug…these links!

Franco Harris’ cheese pizza looks delicious. [OFTOT]

Um…the Pens won 9-2, and both Sykora and Dupuis got the first hat tricks of their careers. Luckily, they beat the Islanders, so I got to see it on t.v. here in NYC. [The Pensblog]

I hate Marko Jaric. [Moondog Sports]

Gary Payton makes an ugly Anderson Varejao. [NESW Sports]

Season 5 of Entourage had some sick credit music. [Cuzoogle]

No words. Just click this in preparation for Sunday. [D.C. Steeler Nation]

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