Mini Pony of the Day 12-30-08

Boardwalks on beaches are great. Mini horses with hot chicks on boardwalks on beaches are even better. And that is an intense saddle on said mini horse. But back to the chick…

…Hey, baby!

These links read better if you’re on the beach:

So what’s up with Ben? Complete with nightmare fuel Sanjaya Photoshop and ridiculous Judy Blume reference. [OFTOT]

Great post by my buddy Moondog. All about earning your way into the blogosphere. [Moondog Sports]

Mitch Williams to the new MLB Network? [We Should Be GMs]

Oh yeah. Mangini’s son’s middle name is Brett. That totally worked out in his favor. [Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes]

Fleury knows the Pens have been hot and cols lately. [The Flower Shop]

Jordan Staal is set to become the youngest player in NHL history to play in 200 games. [WPXI]

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