Mini Pony of the Day 12-31-08

2008 is going out with…a cactus?

Sure, why not. After some nice, unseasonably warm temperature right after Christmas, its snowing again in NYC. Lightly, but still snowing.

Hope your 2008 was better than mine (it sucked), and here’s to 2009 being at least 2 times better.

Enjoy the last links of 2008:

OFTOT’s best Photoshops of January 2008. Check back all day for the other months. [OFTOT]

Pens lost. Dammit. [The Pensblog]

LB still wants you to give Romo time. [Larry Brown Sports]

Cian feels bad for the Lions. [fuhbaw]

Later on, 08 Buccos. [WHYGAVS?]

Jason Richardson, who I’ve always liked, with a ridiculous 360 dunk. [NESW Sports]

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