Mini Pony of the Day 6-26-08

C’mon, three of a kind…

What will the river hold?

After gambling away all his money, this mini pony left the casino and read these links:

An update on Euro 2008, and just how close some teams were to not making the cut. [Digital Headbutt]

Former Bucco Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely by the Astros. [You Been Blinded]

An unreal photo of Gary Roberts. Plus some Gary Roberts jokes, to send him into the non-Pittsburgh sunset [The Sweater Ted]

You could buy adult-sized Big Wheels before they were discontinued. They might be making a comeback. Read the “Adult Size – Chopper County” description. “Badass not included.” [Big Wheel Rally Store]

John Kruk Celebrity Roast. [The Fightins’]

An interview with the Ballhype founder. [The Big Picture]

The petition for Marian Hossa to stay with the Pens. Sign it. I did. [Please Stay Hossa]

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