Mini Pony of the Day 6-30-08

Today’s MPotD comes from former Ladies… writer and PSaMP friend Holly.

Although I love me some Vitamin Water, I’ve yet to see this commercial on t.v. Carrie Underwood is now my new favorite person in the world. You can sing awful country to me anytime, Carrie. Screw Tony Romo.

I heard Carrie Underwood was chirping about these following links:

From last week, but still one of the funniest loljocks. [Loljocks]

While we’re at it, here’s one for you Euro 2008 fans. [Loljocks]

Race relations, as only NoISB can bring it to you. [Nation of Islam Sportsblog]

Halfway through the season, and the Tigers are finally over .500. See, Pirates, .500 can happen. [The Big Tilde]

In case you hadn’t heard, Roberts and Malone are now Lightning(s?). [Empty Netters]