Mini Pony of the Day 7-11-08

Jeez…what in the hell is going on in this picture? It’s…it’s…unbelievable!

Is that a dalmatian? And the chick…

…Hey, baby General Patton.

Read these links, or drop and give me twenty:

Is Barack Obama speeding up the sale of the Steelers? [Hot Air]

An interview with Art Rooney Jr. [Mondesi’s House]

I love you, EA. Just so you know. [Awful Announcing]

Sean Connery looks like me (not really) and Cotter’s dad. [One For The Other Thumb]

Day baseball games. Yes or no? [Ladies…]

I bet the Pirates’ M&Ms suck. [Black and Gold Tchotchkes]

Oh, yeah…free Slurpees today. [7-Eleven]

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