Mini Pony of the Day 7-16-08

I just got off the subway, so this picture seems to fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a cool little horse with me.

These people > me.

Today’s links, brought to you by little horse’s shoes:

Are you good with graphics? Design Going Five Hole’s new logo. [Going Five Hole]

How will our roster shape out? [The Sweater Ted]

Jonathan Papelbon…F***k you! Might be one of the best things I’ve ever read. [The Sports Hernia]

That MMA chick murdered Robin Yount’s niece on American Gladiators. Don’t worry, we’ve all typed that sentence before. Semi-NSFW. [On 205th]

A bit older, but probably the definitive piece of photographic evidence of A-Rod and Madonna. [LOLjocks]

You’ve forsaken us, Dick Tarnstrom. [Jasper's Rink]