Mini Pony of the Day 7-17-08


Sorry, that’s the first thing that came to mind. According to this, the horse’s name is Tonto. I can’t even formulate a cognitive response to group mini ponies and The Lone Ranger together.

Hi-yo links?

Bill Cowher left because he knew about the impending ownership struggles? [OFTOT and PFT]

Are you ready for the NHL schedule to be released? [The Pensblog]

FJM with the much-anticipated response to Murray Chass’s stupid new website. Right on. [Fire Joe Morgan]

ESPN the Mag. Quit it with the shirtless dudes. [Desipio from Awful Announcing]

Best. T-shirt. Ever? [MGO Blog]

Congrats to the fine people at Ballhype. Honestly, in all conversations I’ve had with the team, they’ve come off as classier than you. [Ballhype]


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