Mini Pony of the Day 7-23-08

I cannot complain anytime I get an email with a subject of, “I MET MINI PONIES!

Special thanks to Holly for emailing me the two cool little buggers at the top of this post. These guys live in horse country north of L.A. Without the head, I’m still going to have to give the human in the middle a solid…

…Hey, baby.

Go find your own mini ponies, high five a friend if you come across some, then read these links:

Gary Bettman Photoshop contest. [Puck Daddy]

Someone wire me $400 bucks so I can get this chair for the office. [Deuce of Davenport]

More Super Soakers in IndyCar please. [Lion in Oil]

Did Rick Mahorn push Lisa Leslie? I watched for a second, then realized it was the WNBA and turned it off. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]

Don’t like the call in your rec-league basketball game? Shoot the ref. [The Sports Point]

Matt Birk and Charles Woodson rule. [fuhbaw]

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