Mini Pony of the Day 7-24-08

Its raining in NYC, so a picture of the beach should cheer me up. A bit, at least. You best believe I’ll take my mini horse(s) to the beach when I get one (or a few)!

And the owner…

…Hey, baby.

Chariots of Fire was playing in my mind when I read these links:

Ichiro tried to escape Seattle. [The Sports Hernia]

Want your child to win at tennis? Talk to them via earpiece during the match! [Larry Brown Sports]

Brett Favre won’t be going to Philly. Not like he would’ve helped them win a championship or anything. [The 700 Level]

British sprinter’s 78-year-old grandmother is FAST! [Fanhouse]

Bernie Williams news? Wasn’t expecting that. [Armchair GM]

The Packers released one-time Steelers draft pick Cameron Stephenson. That might hurt the team a bit. [Press-Gazette]


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