Mini Pony of the Day 7-25-08

Dude, Itty and Bitty rule. What a clutch find. Check out the other bits of wonder in that link. You bet I’ll be poaching more little horse pictures from that link.

I didn’t even know miniature was a language.

Read these links…in miniature!

Aaron Rogers will not suck this season. [Epic Carnival]

Well, I guess Jim Zorn is now officially awesome. [Stet Sports Blog]

Baseball umpires are such technology nerds. [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

50 year old WNBA HOFer Nancy Lieberman to play pro basketball again. [Blog of Hilarity]

ESPN’s NFL Blog Network isn’t bad, but its a complete ripoff of PFT. [Awful Announcing]

Eddie Vedder is cool but the Red Sox suck. [Sons of Bill Simmons]

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