Mini Pony of the Day 7-28-08

My dad sent me these pictures. He works at a home for the elderly poor, and recently, the residents went and visited some mini horses in Eastern PA. Now, we have the visual documentation of the day.

If you aren’t currently visiting a farm of miniature ponies, you should be reading the following links:

Sara Khoshjamal (?) > Kobe Bryant. [Mix Makers]

Steelers fan Hank Williams Jr. will sing the MNF for the 19th year. [Awful Announcing]

Cooley’s beard winner revealed! [Chris Cooley]

Training Camp is finally here. [One For The Other Thumb]

Apparently, the Nady trade “sucks more than Paris Hilton.” [Suburban Rob Rossis]

A Cincinnati Reds drinking game. We need one of these for the Buccos. [Bite My Tongue For No One]


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