Mini Pony of the Day 8-18-08

I’m not touching this one. Thanks to my sister Kate for finding this abomination. This weekend was exhausting, to say the least, and I really have no energy to try and describe this hot mess of a picture. If you should feel so inclined, come up with a caption in the comments.

I have no cute quip for the links either, so here they are:

Baroque night in NYC on Saturday was crazy, here’s my buddy Ben’s take on the night. [Mr. Ben’s Flickr]

My buddy Rob has more pics. [Rob’s Flickr]

Is it healthy to worry about preseason, or is it…dare I say…just preseason? [One For The Other Thumb]

Missed it this weekend, but the Buccos actually signed Pedro Alvarez. I know we as fans have said it countless times over the past 15+ years, but…turning point? [Doubt About It]

Former Bucco Brian Giles destroyed the outfield wall in San Diego. [The Fightins]

Ridiculous NFL season preview. And yes, the Steelers are definitely “Contenders Forever.” [fuhbaw]

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