Mini Pony of the Day 8-28-08

There’s a number of search terms that I put into Google Image Search to come up with a typical MPotD. “Mini pony,” “mini horse,” “miniature pony,” “miniature horse,” “small pony,” “small horse,” “midget pony,”tiny horse,”little horse“…you get the picture. There’s one search term that I tend to stay away from. It’s “little pony,” because most of the results end up being some some sort of My Little Pony. This is a sports website for people confident enough to find humor in pictures of mini horses, not a place for 3rd grade girls, so My Little Pony is a no go.

Today, I have to make an exception, though. Kate sent me a link from DeviantArt where people updated My Little Pony. Above is My Little Predator. This is the only way My Little Pony gets discussed here…because this one slayed me and it involves (kinda) a mini horse.

Go take your My Little Predator and fight with My Little Alien, or read these links:

Vesa Toskala has an action figure modeled after a major blooper? Sucks to be him. [Going Five Hole]

Penn State has the best college football helmet. [The Big Picture]

Where will Bill Cowher show up? [One For The Other Thumb]

I’m going to re-print the post title, because I can’t do it any more justice. “Shawne Merriman Decides to Play, Must Not Understand How the World Works.” [The Sporting Blog]

No, Chris Rainey, Human Sexuality classes in college are not porn marathons. [With Leather]

Alex Goligoski is now the Penguins’ top prospect. [Pensburgh]

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