Mini Pony of the Day 9-16-08

Grannies with mini horses theme? That makes two days in a row. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, I guess. But before we get to tomorrow, I gotta throw out a…

…Hey, baby.

If you ain’t watching your program, then you should be reading these links:

DeSean Jackson got me enough fantasy points last night, but that drop was stupid. [Fan IQ]

Speaking of Jackson, here’s video of him with another (more boneheaded) premature celebration in high school. [The 700 Level]

Derek Jeter hates camera phones. As in “worst invention ever” style of hate. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

Mike Mamula…what’s he doing with his life? [One For The Other Thumb]

I would never eat Throat Meat Tacos. Whatever the hell those are. [With Leather]

Congrats to my alma mater, St. Vincent College, for their first win since being restored as a team last year. Their last win was 46 damn years ago! Props all around. [St. Vincent College]

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