Mini Pony of the Day 9-17-08

Don’t know if I’ve ever used this one. I know there’s been several ones on PSaMP that were surrounded by ribbons of various colors and sizes, but I can’t be sure if this specific one ever made the cut. Plus, there’s no way in hell I’m going through all the archives to double check. One of you can do that if you find the time.

I needed to continue the Grannies-with-Mini-Horses theme from the past two days. If only to give out a…

…Hey, baby.

Organize your ribbon collection while you’re reading these links:

Chiefs fans want Michael Vick and Bill Cowher? Ok. [Arrowhead Addict]

Is Penguins prospect camp really going on? Where’s the news? [The Sweater Ted]

Miroslav Satan is better at goal scoring than people are giving him credit for. [Empty Netters]

Brooks Orpik hates your plan to boo Hossa. [The Hockey News]

Syracuse forgets that Ernie Davis played before the Nike swoosh was invented. [The Sporting News]

You know things are bad for the Pirates when Doug Mietkewitndsfghrweurgnsz is calling the team “embarrassing.” [Post Gazette]


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