Mini Pony of the Day 1-16-09

Thanks to Sheena for pointing this out. Apparently, it’s from some SNL skit about mini horses as pets or something. Sure. SNL is just about as relevant as ESPN, so I’m not really up to date on the latest skits.

Still, cool mini horse reference.

These links are better than SNL:

Um…what? [OFTOT]

One of my long-time favorites…Catherine Bell. [Moondog Sports]

The Dugout was one of my favorite sites before they moved to Fanhouse. However, they showed that they can still bring the funny even though they aren’t allowed to swear anymore. [Fanhouse]

BIG high five to the pilot of the airplane that crashed into the Hudson River. [CNN]

Check out this candid picture of the crash. Shit. [Flickr]

Watch this short video, then read the 7th comment. [With Leather]