Mini Pony of the Day 1-27-09

Wow…I’m never going to run out of badass pictures of mini ponies. This one might be the cutest ever.

I’ll shut down the blog when I exhaust the Internet’s supply.

Supply these links to your eyes:

Rich Eisen ain’t down. [OFTOT]

More Stanford Tree goodness. [The Sports Culture]

Gary Payton says Kevin Garnett isn’t an All-Star? [NESW Sports]

Steelers Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert IS a monster and deserves a ton of credit. No joke, Steve. [Steve is Alive]

Madden 09 picks the Steelers. I played my sister on Sunday…I was the Steelers, she was the Cards. I won, too. I also beat her 91-85, and had 948 yards passing and 10 TDs with Donovan McNabb and the Eagles. [Sportsocracy]

Alex Rodriguez at a Florida State frat party in 1998. Awwwful lotta whiteys in that picture. [Deadspin]

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